About Us

CleverInsight started by a team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI & Machine Learning Professionals, Statisticians and Mathematicians. We provide AI-based Optimized Digital Transformation and Data-Driven solutions to clients in key areas such as Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Telecom, IoT, Supply Chain & Logistics and Cyber Security.

Our Mission

We believe that data is the foundation of modern business, and our mission is to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data to drive better outcomes and sustainable growth through digital transformation.

Our Core Values


Forward thinking, encourage ideas, be curious, create and anticipate change.


Experience of freedom, joy and happiness in whatever we do.

Earn Trust

Be consistent in what we do and work hard towards Customer Success

High Standard

Constantly push teams to deliver high-quality products & services.


Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.


Relevant and timely information, be an attentive listener.

Stronger United

Positive and inclusive culture fosters honest, and meaningful relationships.

Dive Deep

Operate at all levels, attention to detail, conduct frequent audits.

Empowering your digital transformation with intelligent insights and innovative data-driven solutions.

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Copyright © CleverInsight Private Limited. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © CleverInsight Private Limited. All Rights Reserved