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AI Based Digital Transformation Using Data-Driven Decision Making.

Leverage the Power of Advanced Data Analytics, AI, and ML for Informed Business Decisions. Unlock the Potential of Data-Driven Solutions to Drive Growth and Outperform Competitors.

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GALAXZ22 - Service Partner of The Year

CleverInsight's exemplary performance led to the well-deserved honor of being named the 2022 Service Partner of the Year at GALAXZ22. This prestigious award recognizes our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions, and our ability to foster strong and successful client partnerships.

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Our Offerings

Data Analytics

From data collection to interpretation, we provide end-to-end data analytics services to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Machine Learning

We provide a platform for building seamless ML pipelines to automate processes and make predictions faster based on data.

Predictive Modeling

Using advanced statistical techniques, we create predictive models that help businesses identify future trends and opportunities.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization services help organizations visualize and communicate complex data insights in a simple and effective manner.

Digital Twin

Our expertise in digital twin technology enables us to create virtual representations of physical assets, helping businesses optimize performance and reduce downtime.

Embedded Edge Computing

Our embedded edge computing solutions enable businesses to analyze and act on data in real-time, without the need for cloud connectivity.

Data Engineering

Building data pipelines and infrastructures to facilitate data processing, storage, retrieval, and seamless data integration for diverse analytical needs.

Explainable AI

Developing machine learning models with transparency and interpretability in mind, using techniques to provide explanations for their predictions and decisions.

Our services



Optimize production processes, predict equipment failures, and improve supply chain efficiency using advanced data analytics.


Enhance customer experience with personalized recommendations, optimize inventory management, and predict sales trends.

Life Science

Analyze genomic data for personalized medicine, and improve patient outcomes through data-driven healthcare solutions.


Optimize network performance, predict customer churn, and enhance customer support.


Analyze viewer preferences, optimize content distribution, and improve targeted advertising.


Optimize energy consumption, predict equipment maintenance with data science solutions.


Detect fraudulent activities, assess credit risk, and personalize financial services.



Improve talent acquisition, optimize employee retention strategies, and enhance workforce diversity.


Predict financial market trends, detect anomalies in transactions, and optimize investment strategies.

Supply Chain

Optimize inventory levels, forecast demand, and streamline logistics operations.

Marketing & Sales

Personalize marketing campaigns, analyze customer behavior, and optimize pricing strategies.

Calculated Insights for informed decisions and innovation.

We believe that data is the foundation of modern business, and our mission is to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data to drive better outcomes and sustainable growth.

Our team of experts leverage cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge to provide customized data science solutions that deliver tangible results.

Why customers love CleverInsight

PredictEasy provided us with effective ways to visualize complex and standalone data sources, that helped us to take quick decision on our key drivers of our operations.
Dr. Manivannan
PredictEasy has helped us build prediction and prescription models, which are implemented with the workforce management to redeploy the labor hour by hour in various departments at Future Electronics.
Mr. Sanjay K Desai
Director of Planning
PredictEasy, brings insights from predictive analytics to preventive analytics to all industry verticals for better decision-making and rapid innovation. The platform uses bleeding-edge technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
FedEx Institute of Technology

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Copyright © CleverInsight Private Limited. All Rights Reserved