Turn data into your greatest asset! This book equips you with the knowledge and tools to make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive unprecedented business growth. Learn from real companies how AI-powered tools can change your approach to marketing, finance, HR, and more.



Kothandaraman Sridharan

Kothandaraman Sridharan (Sri) is a visionary technocrat and leader, with over three decades of profound expertise across the software-service industry, product development, and strategic IT consulting realms.

Bastin Robins J

Bastin Robins (Robin) is a seasoned data scientist renowned for crafting impactful data products that have reshaped the landscape of India's largest FMCG.

Editorial Team

Priyanka Shankar

a data analyst with a background in editorial/ content creation, marketing, and HR, served as the writer and editor. She also handled the interviews, including the transcription, research, writing, and editing.

Dr. Vandana Bhagat

an Assistant Professor in the Department of Data Science at CHRIST(Deemed to be University), Bangalore, contributed her expertise in data analytics. She is an applied scientist and expert in query optimisation techniques.

Akhil U. S

an exceptionally talented product and UI/UX designer, created the book cover and the aesthetic imagery across every chapter. His creativity provides an engaging experience, ensuring the book will resonate with a variety of readers.

Rajan S

a Principal Architect, brought a unique blend of technical prowess and design sensibility and was instrumental in the creation of CleverInsight tools such as PredictEasy, which were used extensively in the book.

Saranyan Sankrith S.

has made valuable contributions to modelling within the CleverInsight tools. This aspect is a crucial component of the tools, which were utilised for the case studies in the book.

Nelson Prabhu

handled finance and operations. He ensured efficient allocation of resources and streamlined processes throughout the production journey, resulting in the creation of a refined book.

Nikhil R.

was responsible for sourcing the datasets and integrating impactful visuals and analysis from PredictEasy, Excel and PowerBI to significantly improve the clarity and depth of each of the case studies.

Elsa Saji

was a key editor of the book, contributing content, refining structure and language, fact-checking, providing feedback and coordinating with authors, designers and proofreaders, ensuring a coherent, polished and credible final product.

Reiyonna Stephen

undertook proofreading, suggesting edits, and updating the book. She ensured its accuracy and relevance with recent technological developments and changes in Data Privacy laws.

Shivang Kumar

played a role in ensuring the quality of the book by proofreading it. His constructive feedback has been instrumental in enhancing the book and improving the content, ensuring it meets high standards.

About the Book

This book, “Data-Driven Decision Making for Business Transformation: Maximising Success with an AI-Powered No-Code Platform” is a comprehensive resource that unveils the essence of datadriven decision-making. It is tailored to a diverse audience, offering practical answers to real-world data analytics challenges. Its mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, guiding readers through the realm of data-driven decision-making with real-world applications, examples, and case studies.

What sets this book apart is its multifaceted approach, drawing on insights and experiences from experts across various specialisations. It doesn’t just explore data theory; it immerses readers in knowledge and expertise drawn from those who have navigated the data-driven waters in their respective domains.

With an approach that is direct yet accessible, the book caters to technical leaders with a foundation in IT and a basic grasp of mathematics, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to grasp the fundamentals and tackle specific data challenges. It is a roadmap to understanding the significance of data in decision-making, providing the essential tools for thriving in the digital era and transforming business functions across various industries, ultimately unlocking the power of data-driven excellence.

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