Anomaly Detection with Low Latency. Forecast Demand Fluctuations. Alerts Based on Predefined Conditions. Analyze Never-Ending Streams of Data.

Anomaly Detection with Low Latency.

The Lightweight Time Series Platform.

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Anomaly Detection

Identify events or observations which deviate significantly from the majority of the data or appear or inconsistent with the remainder of that set of data.

Demand Forecasting

Estimate the likely demand for a product or service by analyzing historical trends in order to make quick and critical decisions.

Event Correlation

Manage large number of events, determine the root cause of incidents, scope of a compromise, log intelligence from end-to-end.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Create and manage Custom Alerts & Notifications via multiple messaging tools when there are changes based on predetermined thresholds that can be customized for your data.

Simplifying IT for a complex world.

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No Code Analytic Platform


Time Series Analysis Platform


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