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Multiple integrations

Multiple real-time integrations to input model data and view predictions, features and rationale behind the data.

Data Exploration and Analysis

Perform effortless basic exploratory analysis. Now cleaning and understanding data has become easy with our intuitive data analytics platform.

Intuitive Data Visualisation

Seamlessly visualize data with a code-free interface. Create interactive charts, graphs and dashboard, presenting your data in the most meaningful way.

Machine Learning Made Easy

Leverage the power of ML algorithms without the need for coding expertise. The platform includes pre-built ML models that can be easily trained and deployed to make predictions, classify data or identify anomalies.

Automated Insights and Reporting

Automated report generation from data, presenting the findings in an easy-to-understand format, enabling users to quickly grasp the most important insights and take data-driven actions.

PredictEasy Google Sheets Add-on

Streamline your ML model simulation with ready-to-use stacks. Visualise data relationships, leverage machine learning techniques, and solve a wide range of problems across industries.

Why customers love PredictEasy

We are a modern SaaS solution that solves complex business problems for companies of all sizes.

Dr. Manivannan Director

PredictEasy provided us with effective ways to visualize complex and standalone data sources, that helped us to take quick decision on our key drivers of our operations.

Mr. Sanjay K Desai Director of Planning

"PredictEasy has helped us build prediction and prescription models, which are implemented with the workforce management to redeploy the labor hour by hour in various departments at Future Electronics."

FedEx Institute of Technology Director

PredictEasy, brings insights from predictive analytics to preventive analytics to all industry verticals for better decision-making and rapid innovation. The platform uses bleeding-edge technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

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