Nurse Attrition


Nurse attrition is when nurses leave a healthcare team, whether through resignations, retirements, or other workforce changes. This can disrupt care, and we address it by using smart strategies for hiring and keeping great nurses.

The Challenges

Challenges of Nurse Attrition: Affects patient care, organizational finances, and staff wellbeing. Disrupts care consistency and impacts health outcomes.

Constant recruitment and training strain budgets. Difficulty in finding qualified replacements adds to financial strain.

Departure of experienced nurses results in the loss of critical knowledge.

Use predictive models to forecast potential departures. Implement proactive measures for retention and workforce stability.

Proactive approach improves overall effectiveness of healthcare practices. Contributes to a stable and motivated workforce.

What did PredictEasy find...

Diverse dataset, including employee records, surveys, payroll, and expense reports. Key Factors Impacting Attrition are  Job involvement, satisfaction levels, marital status, and worklife balance. Employee demographics: age, education, total working years.

Statistical Insights: Marital status slightly impacts attrition. Overtime significantly increases the likelihood of employees leaving. “Percent Hike” distribution suggests variations. Job-Related Observations shows that job satisfaction in same job level show no major differences.

Predictive Modeling: 94% accuracy in predicting nurse retention and organizational performance.

What-If Simulator Generates real-time predictions for nurse attrition across various scenarios. Incorporates Actionable Insights with AI-powered inference. Voice-assisted chatbot through PredictEasy enhances decision making. Provides practical insights for data driven decisions. Realtime predictions aid in understanding and addressing nurse attrition. AI powered chatbot offers valuable guidance and recommendations.

The Results

Environment Satisfaction:

Low satisfaction correlates with high nurse attrition, emphasizing the need to improve workplace conditions and foster a positive atmosphere.

Environment Satisfaction:

Low satisfaction correlates with high nurse attrition, emphasizing the need to improve workplace conditions and foster a positive atmosphere.

Relationship Satisfaction:

Poor relationship satisfaction is linked to elevated attrition, suggesting a need for initiatives promoting collaboration, effective communication, and team-building.

Work-Life Balance:

Nurses with low work-life balance satisfaction show higher attrition rates, indicating a need for policies supporting balance, such as flexible scheduling.

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